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Speak Up! Say NO to Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault!

Speak up: Say No to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Domestic violence and sexual assault come in many forms — physical, verbal, and emotional abuse just to name a few. These should never be tolerated and accepted.

If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Free yourself from domestic violence and sexual assault with help from Hoke County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, Inc. in Raeford, North Carolina.

HCDVSAC is a nonprofit organization that is committed to raising awareness about abuse and empowering victims/survivors in their journey towards healing and recovery.

Our Mission

The mission of HCDVSAC is to provide quality services regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status to reduce crime of domestic violence and sexual assault in the communities of Hoke County.

It is our mission to empower, increase safety, develop community awareness, and educate victims and community members on domestic violence and sexual assault.

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